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Gluten Free + Pain Free

A range of Buckwheat Breads, Crackers and Granola for a happy day and easy digestion

ML, why do you call it The Gut Goodness?


The GG Buckwheat Breads

Buckwheat / Amaranth

Buckwheat / Walnuts

Buckwheat / Seeds

The GG Granola

Crunchy Buckwheat Granola sweetened with Maple Syrup

The GG Crackers

Enjoy slices of the breads made into crackers

I have been dreaming about this for a week

A returning customer at the Friday Market in East Hampton

Your crackers are divine!!! I love them!! Can I order some please!! They are so addictive and delicious!

Kathy W.

Thank you for being the Gut Goddess!

An early customer at the East Hampton Market

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Deliveries Possible.