Gluten Free + Pain Free = Happy

A range of Buckwheat Breads, Crackers and Crunchola for a happy day and easy digestion


I am SO excited to be back with The Gut Goodness range of products. So many of you have continued to reach out, asking me when the Rice Crisps Cereal or the Crackers will return. I'm doing a soft re-opening this month of May and i can't wait to bring you more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and for being here today.


ML, why do you call it The Gut Goodness?


The GG Buckwheat Breads

Buckwheat / Amaranth

Buckwheat / Walnuts

Buckwheat / Seeds

The GG "Crunchola"

A super Crunchy Buckwheat yogurt topper sweetened with Maple Syrup (actually tastes amazing on top of many foods)


The GG Crackers

Enjoy slices of the breads made into crackers. The flavors are Seeds or Walnuts or Amaranth. We also started a Buckwheat only for the extra cautious customers.


I have been dreaming about this for a week

A returning customer at the Friday Market in East Hampton

Your crackers are divine!!! I love them!! Can I order some please!! They are so addictive and delicious!

Kathy W.

Thank you for being the Gut Goddess!

An early customer at the East Hampton Market

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Deliveries Possible.