About ML


They say the Gut is the second brain of the body, with the Gut/Brain axis leading our overall wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. If the gut is out of whack, nothing else can really thrive. Everything changed for me when I started to follow my gut in many aspects of my life, including putting my Gut first when it came to food.

With professional help, I did a Gut Biome Reset during the winter of 2021, following a LowFodMap Diet which only allowed me to eat what seemed to be bone broth with bok choy and a ton of supplements. After two months of a parasites die-off period, I begged to be given something of substance to eat. That’s when I received an online recipe for a buckwheat bread that consisted of, and only of, Buckwheat. Nothing else! Well, water and salt, but does it count?


The only experience I had with Buckwheat given that I’m French were the savory Crêpes Bretonnes with ham and cheese. Or the Nordic Blini that my Swedish mother would serve with lax. Buckwheat was definitely not on top of my list of favorite foods. But in my state of desperation, I was ready to try anything that would seem like a reward, dipped in said Chicken Broth.


And to my shock, the bread was sensational. I spent most of the Covid months experimenting with my new found love of bread. No more gummy, store-bought gluten free bread full of sugar and other products that in the end really don’t serve the purpose of eating gluten free. They still hurt the tummy.


When the world started opening up again, I wanted to share my discovery with everyone! I started bringing samples of my breads everywhere I went. With the encouragement of friends, I began selling the products at the East Hampton Farmer’s Market last summer. And to my surprise, the stall quickly became a destination for returning customers who sought the benefits of the bread. I decided to expand with crackers and a “Crunchola” that have longer shelf-life.


I am truly on a mission to help others realize that thriving with body, mind and spirit is about reducing inflammation, treating our body and environment as sanctuaries.

Each and every day, we have the renewed chance to ask ourselves “How can I best feed my body and soul today?” It might seem weird that my course of action is through a bread or a cracker, but it has truly been my homecoming to be in charge of what eat, what I say and what I think.